qui est Philippe ferrandis
Philippe Ferrandis


Since 1986, PHILIPPE FERRANDIS creates jewellery sets and accessories always different and spectacular.


Semi-precious stones, wood, glass paste and crystal are set within wrought metal. Nacreous pearls are handcrafted in the south of France, glass stones are handcrafted in Bohemia. Resin elements are made from wax or metal moulds.


Philippe Ferrandis pays great attention to the choice of materials he uses. These are noble, natural and refined.


All the jewels are made in the Parisian workshop.


“I knew what path I had to follow the day I discovered an antique brooch in my grandmother’s jewellery box.” Philippe Ferrandis was born into a family of artists. From childhood, he was attracted to jewellery through its many representations in art and painting.

As a matter of course, he created his first collections and launched his brand in 1986.


His style and audacity soon seduced great Parisian fashion houses such as Pierre BALMAIN, NINA RICCI, Hubert de GIVENCHY, Chantal THOMAS and Mr Oscar DE LA RENTA.

He was soon to create two seasonal collections each year to the rhythm of the fashion seasons. His unmistakable style, a mix of baroque and contemporary, his use of semi-precious and natural materials combined with crystals and Bohemian glass, was soon being worn by elegant and adventurous women.


“At first, he was only supposed to make a necklace in the musical Romeo and Juliet. Our artistic agreement was such that I told her about the prom dress. He imagined a top made of red jewellery, which he offered for production. He then directed plays for Le Pacte des Loups, with Monica Belluci, then others for Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.”

Philippe Ferrandis also signed Marie Stuart’s jewellery, whose title role was interpreted by Isabelle Adjani. Still with Dominique Borg, he created the sets for the magazine Bobin’o, produced by Gérard Louvin on the occasion of the reopening of the famous cabaret. Currently, his creations can be found in Mistinguett at the Casino de Paris and in the play Nelson at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint Martin in which he adorns the actresses Armelle and Chantal Ladesou.


His sources of inspiration are diverse; nature, history, civilizations serve as starting point for his creations, which combine a demanding work of metals and a very personal intuition of the enhancement of precious elements. Philippe Ferrandis’s jewellery subtly mixes pearls, resins, crystal, stones (such as amethyst, smoky quartz, turquoise or rock crystal) with pieces of wrought metal.

Attaching a great importance to the choice of materials, he has been able, over the years, to surround himself with the best craftsmen and young graduates of Parisian jewellery schools.


This workshop, a melting pot of talent and know-how, has earned it the prestigious EPV (Living Heritage Company) label. His spectacular creations have met with great commercial success and are sold in many sales outlets around the world. In Paris, his collections are to be found in one of his three stores.

He has been courted by the entertainment industry. collaborating in particular with Dominique Borg in the theatre. “I fell in love with the visual strength of his jewellery,” remembers Dominique Borg, theatre costume designer.

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